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Devoshion is a take on “devotion” and “fashion”. It’s about the passion that goes into creating something unique. We work with venues to put on events while selling vegan and cruelty-free goods, collectibles, and art in our online store and at events.

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What events we do…

– Live Music
– Vegan Pop Ups
– Craft Fairs
– Collectible Shows
– and more…

Who we’ve worked with…

– Long Island Vegan Pop Up
– Humane Long Island
– Hopelessly Olivia
– The Devoshion Band
– and more…

How did we begin?

We started a retail store back in 2020 during the height of COVID-19 when businesses were closing and everyone was shopping online. We realized that people were missing being able to shop in small businesses and attend events like craft fairs. So we opened our first store as a sort of “indoor craft fair”. Our customers loved the concept because there were so many items to choose from. Every section of our store had handmade goods from different artists.

Over time, things started to get back to normal, and around 2023, we shifted our focus to hosting events and providing entertainment. Now we host events at venues on Long Island, NY while running our store online. We work with many different businesses to host events from live music performances, to craft fairs, to vegan pop-ups! There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Devoshion.

Other Projects Devoshion Works With:


Mor is an artist and musician from New York
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Facebook (music)
Instagram (art)
Instagram (music)

Hopelessly Olivia

Hopelessly Olivia is an Olivia Newton-John tribute starring Mor

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